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Latest news Wednesday, 20 September 2017

  • Quaderns d'avaluació. 37 (06.07.2017)

    The current issue of Quaderns d'avaluació presents the summary results obtained in the 2017 ESO Assessment. 

  • Catalan and Spanish languages knowledge of students in Catalonia (22.06.2017)

    The objective of this volume (Informes d'avaluació 21) is to collate the results obtained by students in Catalonia in the assessments carried out at certain stages of compulsory education in recent years in order to make comparisons between assessments and academic years.

    Document in English.

  • Reading Literacy Framework. PISA 2018 (01.06.2017)
    Issue 38 of our "Documents" collection contains a conceptual framework that evaluates reading literacy, which will be the focus of the 2018 PISA study.
  • New publication (18.05.2017)

    Issue 37 of the collection 'Documents'  presents a synthesis of the international political agenda for educational reforms.


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