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The Evaluation Council of the Education System is a consultancy division of the Catalan Department of Education, constituted in 1993 by decree number 305/93 of the Catalan government’s DOGC publication. The main objective of the Council is to analyze and evaluate the education system at its pre-primary, primary and secondary levels.

The board is comprised of a President and a team of nine other members, a secretary and permanent steering group, all of whom are highly-qualified experts. Additionally, a group of external advisers, including university professors, primary and secondary teachers and international experts in assessment, collaborate closely with the board.

Main objective

  • Analyse and equitably assess the pre-university stages of the Catalan education system.


The Council’s main functions include:

  • Issuing reports on whether or not the established educational objectives are attained according to current legalisation.
  • Publishing study findings and proposals related to improving educational quality and better adapting the education system to present-day social demands and educational needs.
  • Carrying out studies on the impact of recent educational reforms.
  • Generating reports and proposals which take into account the realities and perspectives of education systems in other countries and their respective assessment systems.
  • Fostering dialogue on analogous experiences with similar institutions abroad.
  • Establishing agreements with other organisations or institutions, both public and private, whose goals resemble those of the Catalan Evaluation Council of the Education System.
  • Coordinating studies mandated by the Evaluation Institute (IE) of Spain’s Ministry of Education.


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Updated date: 15.02.2010