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Quaderns d'avaluació. 41

Quaderns d'avaluació. 41

The current issue of Quaderns d'avaluació presents the summary results obtained in the 2018 Primary Education Assessment. 

The article reports on the relevant novelties that have been incorporated into the test: the introduction of the assessment of the competence associated with the area of Science and the introduction of the assessment of the oral comprehension in the linguistic competence of the Catalan, Spanish and Aranese languages.

The issue includes charts and graphs with the global average scores in each competence that have been assessed (Catalan and Spanish literacy, English, Mathematics and Science), the distribution of students by achievement levels, the global results according to the dimensions assessed in each competence and the global results according to a number of associated variables: gender, grade repetition, as well as type and level of complexity of the schools. There is also a section on the comparison of results in Catalan and Spanish literacy and another one devoted to the equity in the outcomes. Other sections include the global results in the territory, and the results according to the students’ perception of the test difficulty.

1st edition: September 2018
68 pages
Electronical ISSN 2014-797X

You can download the document at the main page

Updated date: 24.10.2018